DTLA Macy’s Plaza $180M Makeover

2016   is slated to be a HUGE year for Downtown Los Angeles. We love living here. We blink, and there’s a new hot spot to rave about. One of the most exciting renovations we have to look forward to is the Macy’s Plaza, or commonly called the BLOC, located on 7th st. between Hope & Flower. For years, it’s been a massive eye-sore that screams early 70’s design faux-pas. Like much of downtown LA, it was once a hailed project had become an abandoned dead-space. Finally, that’s all changing. And if we can gloat for a moment, it’s mere STEPS from us!

before the roof came off:


Coming to the Bloc:

Wine over movies?! Starbucks EVENINGS?! …GELATO ON A STICK?!

Originally, they estimated the Bloc would be completed in late 2015….but it looks like we have another year to wait for our weekly PopBar/N’ice Cream dates.

To hold us over during construction, San Francisco-based artist Chris Lux gave us these gorgeous murals on the backside of the plaza. Chris, WE WANT MORE!

the BLOC

700 South Flower
Los Angeles, California 90017

Get Ben’s look:

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  • Alec
    4 years ago

    Re: Starbucks Evenings…do you think I can get my Merlot with more caramel?!

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