Behind the Scenes: Gotham’s Cameron Monaghan

One can argue that Cameron Monaghan was the most electrifying thing about Gotham this season. His portrayal of Jerome fit beautifully within the iconic legacy of the Joker mythos. So naturally, when it came time for me to shoot him for Schön! MagazineCameron and I both had plenty of inspiration to pull from.

When I approached the treatment for the shoot, I dug deep into the origins of the Cameron’s character. When Bob Kane and Bill Finger created The Joker, they looked to The Man Who Laughs, a 1928 silent film about a disfigured 18th century clown. If you’re not familiar with 1920’s German Expressionists, do yourself a favor and watch The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The impeccable monochromatic set design and bizarre tone of that film became the foundation of what I wanted to do creatively with the editorial. I was also motivated by the dark flamboyance of Klaus Nomi, the droll flash of Marilyn Manson, and the futuristic design of The Joker from Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker. With all of this, I still wanted to create something that was elegant and sophisticated.

Once I had the concept, there was no way I was going to shoot this without the genius of wardrobe stylist Brett Alan Nelson. More often than not, he is my first choice for dressing my clients. We are great matches for one another. He and I often both come from a dark and strange point of view, and we push each other to produce some of our best work. He was like lightning in a bottle on this project, completely nailing the subtle yet twisted nods to our source material. He supplied dapper suits, dramatic trench coats, and surprised us with a few dangerous textiles (latex socks!). My favorite element was his clever use of prints: beautifully sinister scribbles, smiles, and money. Perfect for a clown prince of crime.

designer highlights:

Brett had so many phenomenal wardrobe options, there was no way I could have photographed them all. Here’s a peek at the looks that got cut from the editorial: [sheds a tear]

& Here’s the full editorial from

Big thanks to Schön! Magazine. Check out the interview here:

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