DTLA’s Newest French Gem: Pitchoun! Bakery

Say hello to our new favorite brunch spot: Pitchoun! Bakery located on Olive & 6th St.

We love their French inspired menu, elaborately detailed desserts, and even a wine bar. During Halloween season, we treated ourselves to the cutest little ghost pastry (surprise, it’s a MINI CHOCOLATE CAKE?!). But what’s most memorable about Pitchoun is its atmosphere. With a front row view of Pershing Square, rustic and industrial textures, and whimsical orange accents, it wins big on comfort level. Next time, I’m reminding myself to bring a laptop to set up shop and drink “Little Piggy” lattes all day.

Check out one of our favorite healthy Eggs Benedict recipes from Paleo Newbie below. That’s right…HEALTHY!

Paleo Eggs Benedict


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  • Debbie
    4 years ago

    BEAUTIFUL pictures by a very talented photographer!! Great blog, love both of your styles in all you do. I can’t wait to make the Crumble. Cutest couple ever!!!!

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