Monochrome Textiles


 alk about color blocking! Like us, you probably gravitate towards the same colors over and over again when shopping (Ricky is usually all black…but we’re working on that). We know what looks good on us, and what doesn’t. So, why not embrace it?
You can contrast your pieces by texture instead of color. Ben is wearing all blue, but by mixing denims, wool-blends, and a slick satin cap….it becomes a very dynamic look.

If you feel like taking more of a risk, try the opposite: repeat the same textile.  This bold choice is subtle enough, but at closer glance, you might get a smile from even the iciest fashion critics. Remember…DON’T. BORE. NINA. Ricky fully committed to this speckled navy cotton-blend, but added a casual pop with these stone sneakers. If you’re in LA, make sure to also check out Necromance on Melrose…they have the coolest collectibles and jewelry that satiate your lust for everything dead.

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