Make Your TV a Work of Art

Your television doesn’t have to be a decorating problem. Let it be a STATEMENT! Use your entertainment space for just that and create a collage of your favorite things.

To avoid breaking the bank on expensive frames, we used an eclectic assortment we already owned. We also decided to use unconventional pieces to hang to mix it up, like a spider paper-weight (coolest gift ever), keys, and a compass. Get creative! Maybe a vintage hat? A sconce? As far as the artwork, we wanted to go monochromatic and spooky. We incorporated anything from DaVinci sketches, homages to our favorite films (we found a horcrux!), to the original blind-contour piece Ian Sklarsky created for Ricky’s forearm tattoo. See the skeleton hand? Ricky used that as a prop from one of his photo shoots. Now it’s a shadow-box! The print above? It’s from Ben’s favorite anime flick Howl’s Moving Castle.

That’s what personal decorating is all about: re-purposing beloved ideas and found objects. Now have a go!

Post in the comments below how you’d create your own gallery.



Have a professional mount your television for you. Best Buy offers this service. It’s worth the money to avoid the stress!

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