ow, Andy did you hear about this one?” Be a Man on the Moon….in more ways than one.
As a kid, I mostly decorated my bedroom with glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. Any kind of intergalactic day-glow trinkets I could spend my allowance on, I did. So much so, that when I turned my lights off at bedtime, my room was still almost fully illuminated by my custom solar systems. And no, I wasn’t on drugs.
Cut to adulthood; no more black light. My geeky obsessive has evolved into slightly more mature style choices.
Take a look at some of these lovely lunar goodies.



Wanna know how I got these scars? Wanna know where I got this shirt?

Playing tribute to Christopher Nolan’s greatest masterpiece, or robbing a bank? Either way, it puts a smile on my face.

Did you know: Heath Ledger rode his skateboard to and from set while filming The Dark Knight? Imagine seeing the Joker do a grind and slide. Now I’m ALWAYS smiling.

Get the look:

MASK Tee – Eleven Paris, $58



 alk about color blocking! Like us, you probably gravitate towards the same colors over and over again when shopping (Ricky is usually all black…but we’re working on that). We know what looks good on us, and what doesn’t. So, why not embrace it?
You can contrast your pieces by texture instead of color. Ben is wearing all blue, but by mixing denims, wool-blends, and a slick satin cap….it becomes a very dynamic look.

If you feel like taking more of a risk, try the opposite: repeat the same textile.  This bold choice is subtle enough, but at closer glance, you might get a smile from even the iciest fashion critics. Remember…DON’T. BORE. NINA. Ricky fully committed to this speckled navy cotton-blend, but added a casual pop with these stone sneakers. If you’re in LA, make sure to also check out Necromance on Melrose…they have the coolest collectibles and jewelry that satiate your lust for everything dead.

Get Ben’s Look:

Overalls?! You’ve got to be kidding, right? Well gentlemen, gone are the days where overalls belong to just 20-something women. But how do you pull them off without looking like Super Mario? Check out these two options that will give new meaning to Beverly Hills Hillbilly.


Typically, you want to avoid cluttering your outfit. “When in doubt, take one accessory off.” But in this case, since overalls are a single, head-to-toe piece, you can afford extra bells and whistles. Bold frames, a handful of leathery bracelets, and a beat-up tote help elevate this look. I would have worn a hat, but someone just got a new haircut…



Dress up the ultra-casual vibe with a button-up. Typically you’d pair a tank or a tee, but this contrast helps make it look like a full put-together effort. I even did an all-green thing to keep it funky.

Here’s the cutest picture of Ben and I on the way to pick him up a pair:

via Nintendo

Giddy up & tell us how you’d rock yours in the comments!

Get the look:

Canvas Overalls – $200


Living in Los Angeles, it can be hard to comfortably pull off layers year round. But whenever the weather calls for it, I like to bust out my long coats and oversized threads. Give this a try…

Tokyo Cool

Don’t be afraid of things labeled as “oversized.” I scored with this loose-fitted and lightweight polyester coat (which instantly reminded me of Miranda Hobbs….SOLD!). Having that extra space not only lets it hang great, but it breathes easy. I also cut the sleeves off my old denim jacket for even less layering hassle. And to make it even more “me,” I wore the coolest graphic tee I own: Satanic Selina Kyle. Try this at your next Sunday fall brunch, and be the coolest kitty in Gotham.

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– links below-

Oversized Coat – Zara, $120

Reclaimed Vintage Leather Cap – ASOS, $60

1969 Denim Jacket – GAP, $50

Satanic Selina Kyle Tee – Ali Express, $10

Lacoste White Sneakers – Urban Outfitters, $40

Hey ghoulfriends! Ready for Halloween? I am! CAN YOU TELL?! I love bordering-on-costume, and why not push the envelope during the most appropriate time of year? Ok, so I didn’t wear my Michael mask, but with my white beanie and leather brogues, I was able to dress my Dickies up for an autumnal day out.


Take, that Jamie Lee.

And in case you hadn’t seen the spookiest/most romantic proposal video posted ALL over the internet already, check it out below (and pssst….it was all shot by yours truly).

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– links below-

Herschel Classic Beanie – $20

Dickies Basic Coverall, $60

Oxford Brogue Shoes – $100



Who’s excited for Star Wars: Episode VII? Are you clutching your custom-made saber as you count down the days? Are you looking through your closet for the perfect opening night look? You don’t have to go full cosplay to pay tribute! Check it out, fellow nerds:

Give Adam Driver a run for his money with this geek-chic knockout. Layer blacks and long outerwear and pair it with some leather and metallic details for that timeless, villainous edge.

Get the look:


Long Bomber Jacket – Zara, $100
Reversible Cape – Zara, $90
Angled Muscle Tee – Urban Outfitters, $20
Slim Biker Jeans – Asos, $55
High-Top Sneakers – Revolve, $120
Black on Black Beanie – PacSun, $16

Opening its humble doors just a few months ago and only a couple blocks away from our place, we take a quick walk to Andante Coffee Roasters located on the corner of 8th and Grand.  This is Andante’s 3rd store location with its predecessors found in both Echo Park and another in Fairfax.

Walking up, I was super excited to see the potential of this area. The shop is located near the new Whole Foods Supermarket slated to open on the first week of November. With a 41,000 square foot luxury apartment building above it, these future residents are SET. As of now, it’s just a tad bit quiet in this area, but I’m sure that it will be a much different story just a couple month from now.

We were super impressed with the selection of coffees, lattes, and teas at Andante. The menu was simple enough to not be overwhelming, but interesting enough to make us want to come back to try another. This time we tried the Guatemala, which was a hand drip (oooh fancy), and a caramel latte, which was quite the decadent treat. I’m not the most trained coffee connoisseur, but they were both smooth and delicious.

Almost better than the coffee was the amazingly friendly service. There was only one person behind the bar, a sweet guy by the name of Matt, and he was the epitome of a cool neighborhood barista. I think what’s argulably more important than the quality of product is the quality of service. #mancrushmonday

We’ll be sure to come back to Andante again soon!

Visit Andante Coffee Roasters in DTLA!

816 S Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90017


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