ow, Andy did you hear about this one?” Be a Man on the Moon….in more ways than one.
As a kid, I mostly decorated my bedroom with glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. Any kind of intergalactic day-glow trinkets I could spend my allowance on, I did. So much so, that when I turned my lights off at bedtime, my room was still almost fully illuminated by my custom solar systems. And no, I wasn’t on drugs.
Cut to adulthood; no more black light. My geeky obsessive has evolved into slightly more mature style choices.
Take a look at some of these lovely lunar goodies.



Your television doesn’t have to be a decorating problem. Let it be a STATEMENT! Use your entertainment space for just that and create a collage of your favorite things.

To avoid breaking the bank on expensive frames, we used an eclectic assortment we already owned. We also decided to use unconventional pieces to hang to mix it up, like a spider paper-weight (coolest gift ever), keys, and a compass. Get creative! Maybe a vintage hat? A sconce? As far as the artwork, we wanted to go monochromatic and spooky. We incorporated anything from DaVinci sketches, homages to our favorite films (we found a horcrux!), to the original blind-contour piece Ian Sklarsky created for Ricky’s forearm tattoo. See the skeleton hand? Ricky used that as a prop from one of his photo shoots. Now it’s a shadow-box! The print above? It’s from Ben’s favorite anime flick Howl’s Moving Castle.

That’s what personal decorating is all about: re-purposing beloved ideas and found objects. Now have a go!

Post in the comments below how you’d create your own gallery.



Have a professional mount your television for you. Best Buy offers this service. It’s worth the money to avoid the stress!

Nothing makes us feel more at-home than curling up with a Jurassic Park film. So naturally, we wanted to incorporate a sophisticated tribute into our home design. Avoid the college-dorm-room cliché of a movie poster, and think outside the box and try this hack.

We found an inspiring dino-art piece at Joss & Main and for over $200! Gorgeous! But NOPE!

One search into Amazon, and we found a $47 assembly required replica. We actually loved the aged “bone” texture that it came with….so we decided not to spray her silver. Maybe one day we’ll change our minds!

It was very easy to build, but we did not love the “toyetic” base it came with. We wanted the classic museum look of the T-Rex bones on a display slab. So, here’s what we did to spruce it up.


  • Sandpaper
  • Paint brush (preferably a staining brush, but we cheated!)
  • Rag
  • Wood stain (of your choice)
  • Hammer
  • Scrap of 1×3 wood (FREE from the lumber section!)
  • 11″ metal stake ($.46 …found in the nails & screws section)

Start off by sanding off your block of wood. We wanted a distressed look to our base, so we went an extra step and pounded in some imperfections with our hammer. We also rounded the corners this way.

Next, we eye-balled where our Rex’s support needed to be and drilled a hole. You want a big enough drill-bit to hammer your stake through, but tight enough to where it’s a snug fit. In order for it to be sturdy, it should be difficult to hammer through.

We drilled the same hole into the Rex where the stake will insert.

Then, we slathered on our stain. As you can see, we had some leftover “Dark Walnut” lying around. Wipe off the excess stain and rub it in with a rag.

Once it dries, you have the option of giving it another sand. This will give it an even more aged look.

And there she is!!! WE LOVE HER! Simply changing the base really elevates the her. SICKENING!

OK, back to our Jurassic World Blu-Ray!