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 ow, Andy did you hear about this one?” Be a Man on the Moon….in more ways than one.
As a kid, I mostly decorated my bedroom with glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. Any kind of intergalactic day-glow trinkets I could spend my allowance on, I did. So much so, that when I turned my lights off at bedtime, my room was still almost fully illuminated by my custom solar systems. And no, I wasn’t on drugs.
Cut to adulthood; no more black light. My geeky obsessive has evolved into slightly more mature style choices.
Take a look at some of these lovely lunar goodies.



Wanna know how I got these scars? Wanna know where I got this shirt?

Playing tribute to Christopher Nolan’s greatest masterpiece, or robbing a bank? Either way, it puts a smile on my face.

Did you know: Heath Ledger rode his skateboard to and from set while filming The Dark Knight? Imagine seeing the Joker do a grind and slide. Now I’m ALWAYS smiling.

Get the look:

MASK Tee – Eleven Paris, $58



 alk about color blocking! Like us, you probably gravitate towards the same colors over and over again when shopping (Ricky is usually all black…but we’re working on that). We know what looks good on us, and what doesn’t. So, why not embrace it?
You can contrast your pieces by texture instead of color. Ben is wearing all blue, but by mixing denims, wool-blends, and a slick satin cap….it becomes a very dynamic look.

If you feel like taking more of a risk, try the opposite: repeat the same textile.  This bold choice is subtle enough, but at closer glance, you might get a smile from even the iciest fashion critics. Remember…DON’T. BORE. NINA. Ricky fully committed to this speckled navy cotton-blend, but added a casual pop with these stone sneakers. If you’re in LA, make sure to also check out Necromance on Melrose…they have the coolest collectibles and jewelry that satiate your lust for everything dead.

Get Ben’s Look:

Chim-Chimichurri! Kiss your A1 bottle goodbye and try this super simple Argentinian alternative. With its simple key ingredients, this was the zippiest, freshest, most delicious steak experience we have had in awhile.

Our good friend Daisy Chan from Food Within Reach came over last weekend and made us dinner in our quaint DTLA kitchen. I’ve known Daisy for quite some time, and her passion for delicious food is only overshadowed by her amazing skills to cook it. So luckily for us, she agreed to come over and bless us with her talent! Yeah yeah, WE ARE SPOILED. 😉

Her recipe was so quick and easy…only a few ingredients! Take a look at what she created, and when you try it out yourself, invite us over for a taste-test? THANKS! xo



1 cup Italian parsley
1/2 cup cilantro (since Ricky doesn’t like too much cilantro)
1 whole lemon (juice)
1/2-1 cup olive oil
1 shallot
2 cloves garlic
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp red chili flakes


  1. COMBINE: Place all ingredients and only 1/2 cup of the olive oil into a food processor.
  2. BLEND: pulse the sucker!
  3. TASTE: Now it’s time to have a little taste test to see if you like the flavor. I like my chimichurri to have a bit of a rougher texture with more greens than oil. I also LOVE GARLIC. If you want a more milder, subdued flavor, add more olive oil.
  4. USE! Place a heaping spoonful (or more) over a delicious steak or put away in the fridge for later use. Make sure to keep it inside an airtight container and it will last up to 3 days.


Finally, a phone case that gets me. We’re always looking for something that fits our rustic taste, but balancing that with tech-function, sleekness, and protection is a challenge. Recently we noticed my friend Mark Helf had the most beautiful wooden case. It wasn’t a cheesy print over some sort of rubber or plastic. It was real wood with a unique grain & texture. But what was most special about it was his business logo has been meticulously engraved onto the back. So gee, THIS sounds expensive. NOPE. It’s incredibly affordable at around $50 at Carved, a small growing shop based in Illinois.

So of course, we RAN to their website to get my hands on one. And we couldn’t resist using our gorgeous logo Ben designed. SCORE.

In order for our logo to be legible, we chose a softer Walnut. Check out the other sexy wood grains they offer.

Don’t have a logo? Don’t worry. They have a large archive of stock-designs you can have engraved. Inlays, traveler cases (think Otter Box, and skins…they have them all. Just $29?! Here’s a few of our favorites:

I gotta say, my favorite part of receiving this case was the hand-written Thank You note the staff left for me. PRICELESS.

Carved offers cases for Apple, Samsung, and Google products. GO NUTS!

Overalls?! You’ve got to be kidding, right? Well gentlemen, gone are the days where overalls belong to just 20-something women. But how do you pull them off without looking like Super Mario? Check out these two options that will give new meaning to Beverly Hills Hillbilly.


Typically, you want to avoid cluttering your outfit. “When in doubt, take one accessory off.” But in this case, since overalls are a single, head-to-toe piece, you can afford extra bells and whistles. Bold frames, a handful of leathery bracelets, and a beat-up tote help elevate this look. I would have worn a hat, but someone just got a new haircut…



Dress up the ultra-casual vibe with a button-up. Typically you’d pair a tank or a tee, but this contrast helps make it look like a full put-together effort. I even did an all-green thing to keep it funky.

Here’s the cutest picture of Ben and I on the way to pick him up a pair:

via Nintendo

Giddy up & tell us how you’d rock yours in the comments!

Get the look:

Canvas Overalls – $200


One can argue that Cameron Monaghan was the most electrifying thing about Gotham this season. His portrayal of Jerome fit beautifully within the iconic legacy of the Joker mythos. So naturally, when it came time for me to shoot him for Schön! MagazineCameron and I both had plenty of inspiration to pull from.

When I approached the treatment for the shoot, I dug deep into the origins of the Cameron’s character. When Bob Kane and Bill Finger created The Joker, they looked to The Man Who Laughs, a 1928 silent film about a disfigured 18th century clown. If you’re not familiar with 1920’s German Expressionists, do yourself a favor and watch The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The impeccable monochromatic set design and bizarre tone of that film became the foundation of what I wanted to do creatively with the editorial. I was also motivated by the dark flamboyance of Klaus Nomi, the droll flash of Marilyn Manson, and the futuristic design of The Joker from Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker. With all of this, I still wanted to create something that was elegant and sophisticated.

Once I had the concept, there was no way I was going to shoot this without the genius of wardrobe stylist Brett Alan Nelson. More often than not, he is my first choice for dressing my clients. We are great matches for one another. He and I often both come from a dark and strange point of view, and we push each other to produce some of our best work. He was like lightning in a bottle on this project, completely nailing the subtle yet twisted nods to our source material. He supplied dapper suits, dramatic trench coats, and surprised us with a few dangerous textiles (latex socks!). My favorite element was his clever use of prints: beautifully sinister scribbles, smiles, and money. Perfect for a clown prince of crime.

designer highlights:

Brett had so many phenomenal wardrobe options, there was no way I could have photographed them all. Here’s a peek at the looks that got cut from the editorial: [sheds a tear]

& Here’s the full editorial from

Big thanks to Schön! Magazine. Check out the interview here:

Do you think Jerome will return to Gotham? Sound off in the comments!


Living in Los Angeles, it can be hard to comfortably pull off layers year round. But whenever the weather calls for it, I like to bust out my long coats and oversized threads. Give this a try…

Tokyo Cool

Don’t be afraid of things labeled as “oversized.” I scored with this loose-fitted and lightweight polyester coat (which instantly reminded me of Miranda Hobbs….SOLD!). Having that extra space not only lets it hang great, but it breathes easy. I also cut the sleeves off my old denim jacket for even less layering hassle. And to make it even more “me,” I wore the coolest graphic tee I own: Satanic Selina Kyle. Try this at your next Sunday fall brunch, and be the coolest kitty in Gotham.

Get the look:

– links below-

Oversized Coat – Zara, $120

Reclaimed Vintage Leather Cap – ASOS, $60

1969 Denim Jacket – GAP, $50

Satanic Selina Kyle Tee – Ali Express, $10

Lacoste White Sneakers – Urban Outfitters, $40

Breakfast on the weekdays are a tough one for us. We never have time to make anything intricate because Ben is always out the door for work before he can even get the frying pan hot. These breakfast egg cups are just the trick to get a complete little meal to tide you over until that breakfast protein shake! You can also make these little guys in advance, so you can pop em’ in your mouth before you start your day every morning!

The key ingredients of these guys are all the things that we love to eat every breakfast; Bacon & eggs. Make sure to get uncured bacon too! Yes, it’s important. The less amount of process fats we have in our diets, the better!

You also want to make sure to save all that uncured bacon grease and use it to sauté your garlic. Follow that with your cauliflower real quick. It really adds a bit of dimension to the cauliflower.

Once cooked, these should last you a good 3-4 days. Maybe consider doubling up the recipe so you can have them for a couple mornings. One batch makes up to 6 muffin cups and each of us eat 2 in one sitting (maybe 3 after a hard workout).


MAKES: 6 cups – COOK TIME: 30 Mins


6 eggs
6 slices of uncured bacon
2 tsp garlic
2 cups finely chopped cauliflower
1 cup defrosted and drained spinach
1 tbsp Italian herbs
Salt & pepper to taste
1/4 cup almond milk


  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF
  2. Fry up your bacon in a pan so that they’re super crispy.
  3. Next, roughly chop up the bacon. Set aside for later.
  4. With the bacon grease still in the pan, quickly sauté the garlic until it’s golden brown.
  5. Now gently add in the chopped cauliflower and sauté at medium heat for around 8 minutes.
  6. Next beat your eggs, and then add in the chopped bacon, sautéed garlic/cauliflower mixture, spinach, herbs, almond milk, and salt & pepper.
  7. You now want to lightly grease your muffin pan with olive oil . Fill to the top with the mixture.
  8. Now pop them in the oven and let cook for 30 minutes.
  9. When done, you’ll want to quickly run a butter knife around the edges of each egg cup to help it pop off the muffin pan.
  10. Serve and enjoy!

Your television doesn’t have to be a decorating problem. Let it be a STATEMENT! Use your entertainment space for just that and create a collage of your favorite things.

To avoid breaking the bank on expensive frames, we used an eclectic assortment we already owned. We also decided to use unconventional pieces to hang to mix it up, like a spider paper-weight (coolest gift ever), keys, and a compass. Get creative! Maybe a vintage hat? A sconce? As far as the artwork, we wanted to go monochromatic and spooky. We incorporated anything from DaVinci sketches, homages to our favorite films (we found a horcrux!), to the original blind-contour piece Ian Sklarsky created for Ricky’s forearm tattoo. See the skeleton hand? Ricky used that as a prop from one of his photo shoots. Now it’s a shadow-box! The print above? It’s from Ben’s favorite anime flick Howl’s Moving Castle.

That’s what personal decorating is all about: re-purposing beloved ideas and found objects. Now have a go!

Post in the comments below how you’d create your own gallery.



Have a professional mount your television for you. Best Buy offers this service. It’s worth the money to avoid the stress!